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Hong Kong Fire Services Department

The Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme Online Examination Platform

The Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme is one of the fire safety promotion programmes launched by the Fire Services Department (FSD) to raise public awareness of fire safety.


Due to the panademic situation, FSD decides to organise the whole application process of the The Fire Safety Ambassador Scheme online which they do not only upload all the course materials on their offical website for particupants to download anytime, but also appointing us to develop an online examination platform.


In this online examination platform, FSD could manage the multiple choice questions themselves. Simultaneously, participants could take the examination within a period of time once they started and only those who pass the examination will qualify to become a Fire Safety Ambassador.




What we did

  • Responsive Layout
  • Online Submission
  • Time Counter
  • Multiple Choice Question Builder System

Key Features

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Encrypts all your data and protects your privacy. Create a secure user environment that you and your customers can rest assured of using it.

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