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Studio Photobi HK

Order Tracking System

This application is built to provide a convenient environment for communication on post-processing, and shorten the time needed for the business process. It provides a seamless flow for customer after shooting in studio, from selecting favourable photos for future editing to downloading the final product.


A message board is built in to enhance communications. Customers can communicate with staff to comment the editing by giving precise feedback. Hence, reducing lead time and deliver better products.


What we did

  • Message Board
  • Login Platform for Members
  • Photos Directory and Management  
  • Service Rating Survey

Key Features

Allow your target audience to join as member for full access, foster relationships and customer loyalty.

Documents are valuable sources of information, and some may have legal significance. Keep them well organized is the priority.

Encrypts all your data and protects your privacy. Create a secure user environment that you and your customers can rest assured of using it.

Notify users for necessary information instantly, either by SMS, email, or in-app notification.

Gather immense feedback from users or clients, optimize performance by learning and analyzing their needs.

Allow communication with each other to increase information exchange, hence, increase user engagement and loyalty.